Publishing & Editing

Codirector, The English Department’s Publications Unit, Illinois State University

Supervise and instruct a continuously rotating staff of three undergraduate interns and two graduate assistants to perform professional editorial, production, design, marketing, content management, and distribution services for internationally recognized literary and scholarly publications and presses, including Fiction Collective 2 (FC2), Spoon River Poetry Review (SRPR), Mandorla: New Writing from the Americas / Nueva Escritura de las Américas, the Sinclair Lewis Society Newsletter, the Illinois English Bulletin, and the IATE Newsletter.

Founder/Editor, Seven Corners (7C)

Online poetry journal Seven Corners (7C), a solicitation-based publication featuring poets from Chicago and the greater Midwest.

Currently, Seven Corners has published over sixty poets, including William Allegrezza, Paul Martinez Pompa, Michael Anania, Robert Archambeau, Jason Bredle, Simone Muench, Kristy Bowen, Kristy Odelius, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, Jackie K. White, Andrew Lundwall, James Pate, Daniel Borzutzky, Kent Johnson, Michael Theune, Matthew Guenette, Jacob Saenz, Larry Sawyer, John Beer, Davis Schneiderman, Laura Sims, Tim Yu, Jennifer Karmin, Francesco Levato, and many others.


Founder/Director, co•im•press

Lemonworld & Other Poems by Carina Finn
Within Mutiny by Holms Troelstrup

co•im•press (collaborative—cooperative—immediate) is a five-year, ten-project initiative to publish strange, transgressive, or “unpublishable” writing by unsung or under-sung authors. We seek texts that meet the needs of an audience that craves a precise combination of formal and linguistic rigor mixed with emotional complexity and dis-ease.

co•im•press has an unabashed favoritism toward underrepresented writers working in Chicago and the Midwest. It is Chicagoist.

co•im•press publishes work on multiple platforms, including print, art, fine art, electronic, and/or digital/multimodal editions with an emphasis on high production quality and design at every level.

co•im•presss seeks to keep its authors’ works available using emergent, state-of-the-art, and sustaibable technologies.

co•im•press is dedicated to working with authors who want to learn about the publishing process; are interested in collaborating on innovative fundraising, networking, and production solutions; and are eager to brainstorm ideas for marketing and promoting their own work through reading tours, events, word of mouth, grassroots initiatives, and ingenious publicity stunts.

Editor/Instructor, PRESS 254

PRESS 254 is a handmade chapbook press and publishing workshop. The editor-in-chief and workshop instructor is Steve Halle, codirector of the English Department’s Publications Unit at Illinois State University. All chapbooks are produced by a student staff of publishing studies majors from English 254: Introduction to Professional Publishing. PRESS 254 engages emerging writers from the ISU and Bloomington-Normal communities and provides editing, design, production, distribution, and marketing services for their chapbook-length works. It seeks to help launch these writers by putting them in contact with local and national audiences receptive to their work and to break down the barriers between artists, publishers, and audiences via collaboration and an editorial pedagogical practice.

Additional Experience

I have also served an editorial assistant for Mandorla and a senior editorial assistant and manuscript reader for the Spoon River Poetry Review.


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