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Lossiness and the Diachronic Instance: Thinking through Google’s Deletion of Dennis Cooper’s The Weaklings Blog

In late June, Google deleted writer Dennis Cooper’s blog The Weaklings (and his Gmail account that includes literary correspondence) without explanation. Electric Literature is the latest of several outlets to cover  Google’s as-yet-unexplained action, which is tantamount to intellectual property … Continue reading

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Illinois State University’s Library Kerfuffle

Rancor has taken over the Illinois State University English Department listserv on account of the new dean of the library deciding to do a low-cost revamp of the inadequate and outdated library space by transferring up 40,000 (mostly history) to … Continue reading

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The Poetics of Techno-Melancholy, Part 1

The types of art that I find most engaging are those that include what I would call techno-melancholy or techno-dread. This aesthetic celebrates the possibilities of technology and the post-human-ness, which is a light, airy feeling, and is mitigated by … Continue reading

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