AWP 2014 Seattle Bests

IMG_20140225_191909Straight-Up Gossip from #awp14 in Seattle.


Forrest Gander, C.D. Wright, and Valerie Mejer read from Rain of the Future

Best Offsite Event: Action Books/Dorothy, A Publishing Project at Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theater with Joyelle McSweeney, Niina Pollari, Amina Cain, Don Mee Choi (reading Kim Hyesoon’s ), and C. D. Wright, Forrest Gander, and Valerie Mejer reading from Rain of the Future
Best Individual Reader: Niina Pollari
Best Panel:  What Are We Projecting?: American Poetry and Poetics in the Era of the Project. (Sasha Steensen,  Catherine Wagner,  Rodrigo Toscano,  Ronaldo Wilson,  Bhanu Kapil)

“Pink” by Ronaldo Wilson from Center for Art and Thought on Vimeo.

Best Reading that Corrupted Part of My Childhood: Paul “The Viper” Cunningham’s Winnie the Pooh translations from One Hundred Acres
Best Cartwheel as Response to a Panel Question: Ronaldo V. Wilson
Best Response to a Ronaldo Wilson Cartwheel: “I would do a cartwheel, too, but I’m not wearing any knickers.” —Bhanu Kapil


Salumi, a haven for pork lovers

Best Restaurant (tie): Palace Kitchen and Salumi
Best Food Item: Porchetta sandwich at Salumi
Best Pizza: Serious Pie
Best Place I Was Humbled to Read at Because of its Music History: The Crocodile for Indie Mag/Small Press Editors Offsite Reading with Oh No! Books, TENDE RLOIN, and Smoking Glue Gun
Best Rumor I Started at AWP:
That AWP will have its own police force in 2015. (It will probably happen.)
Best Typo:
The lowercase “i” on the Row i sign at the bookfair. (Who saw it, editors?)

unfuckBest Bathroom Graffiti to Help Put Things in Perspective While Pissing: “UNFUCK YOUR LIFE” at Vermilion
Best Twitter IRL Moment: Meeting Birds of Lace’s Gina Abelkop
Best Books I Read on the Plane Home:  Foreigner’s Folly: A Tale of Attempted Project by Ji Yoon Lee (Coconut) and the meatgirl whatever by Kristin Hatch (Fence)
Best Books I Bought on Day 1 Becuase I Thought They Would Sell Out:  All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dum Dums by Lara Glenum and SKY RAT by Rauan Klassnik (Spork Press)
Best Bookfair Table: Spork Press
Best Book Gifted to Me: Kill Marguerite by Megan Milks
Best Hair: Nick Demske’s rad braids

IMG_20140226_104233Best Seatle Sidewalk Poem: “A Poem to Be Worn”


FC2 40th Anniversary Panel with Lance Olsen, Matthew Roberson, Luke Goebel, Kate Bernheimer, and Steve Tomasula

Best Anniversary Celebration: 40 Years of FC2


Rachel Levy and Dan Waterman at the FC2/U of Alabama Press table.

Best Oysters: Seatown Seabar
Best Beer: Trickster IPA from Black Raven Brewing Co.
Best Dirty Reading (tie):  Rauan Klassnik reading from SKY RAT & Lara Glenum reading from All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dum Dums at the Spork/Action/Black Ocean/Wonder reading at Highline

fondlesBest Prosthesis:  “The Hand” at the Similar:Peaks:: reading (Jennifer Tamayo and Johannes Göransson)
Most Fashionable: Monica McClure
Best Free and Much-Needed Offsite Reading Snack: fresh Pike Place donuts at the Spooky Solar Birds reading at Left Bank Books
Best Reunion: Me and long-lost BloNo escapee Nick Mansito

The End. Until Minneapolis…

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